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Hera Interior Design is a design firm that is located in Penang, Malaysia. We approach each project with a clear mind and constant communication with clients to create a space best suited for their individual needs. Our designs are made to create a unique and exclusive style that will resonate with each client.

At Hera Interior Design, You will have the whole team of creative designers across your project maximizing the versatility of the entire project. Leaving nobody out from the equation ensures the details are top-notch.

From 3D visualizations to Consultancy, we offer a wide range of interior design services to ensure that all our clients receive an exceptionally high quality results for a better visualization of their space like never before.


The Hera design team are the keys for a successful project. The team consists of creative individuals of various skills and expertise. Having worked in various interior design firms, they create an environment where they can freely express their idea and production to one another. Together they create visual pleasantries while maintaining the client’s desires. Believing that good designs leads to a better life, the knowledge of all the people combined in the team maximizes every single possibility of inspiration and accomplishment.

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